Friday, March 20, 2009

The Big Splashy Eyeball is Watching

One of the main thoroughfares that I drive on almost every day has a train yard right next to the street, and there's always interesting graffiti on the train cars. This eye looks kinda tired. Or is that just me?

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Chris said...

It does look tired! But it also looks like it was dropped into a pool of water. Kind of odd.

I spent all night painting inchie tiles and not being completely happy with them and hoping that the glazing transforms them to beauty. Because they are what I'm sending in, like it or not. and so the eye kind of echos how I feel. Too long squinting on tiny things and not quite getting where I want. tiring.

Word verification is pylgamen. makes me think of Neil Gaiman, who, which is one thing I've gained from Twitter, is apparently as nice a guy as he's always seemed to be.