Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Seahorse Scherzo

I was getting bored just stamping my hand-carved stamps onto paper, so last night I tried doing it on canvas. I think this is a 5x5 canvas. I mixed molding paste medium and sand texture into the base coat of dark blue paint, then just kept experimenting. The last thing I did was rub a yellow pastel stick over most of the surface, and I really like how that turned it out, it brings out the pebbly texture and makes it look sort of flotsam-y like the Ocean. I only hope the seahorse stands out enough. I'm thinking I'll sell this at the Art-A-Whirl. $20? I have no idea.


Chris said...

Carrie! Shut up! This is awesome! What the hell is molding paste medium and sand texture? I love that shiny goldy type look on top. I love your STAMP! I am into repeated images. STamp him lots of times. Or, stamp half of him. Not on this, though. This is great!

I have no idea on pricing. When I open my shop I'll have to take what people offer me. All my stuff will say Or Best Offer (OBO for short).

Bravo, Merc!

I still have your Vegas order. What the heck am I doing with them? Oh, I sneezed on them a few times, but really. It's time to shunt them outa here.

Kitty said...

Oh my. That is spectacularly good. No wonder you're pleased with it. I have some canvasses somewhere .. where the hell did I put them?


Lorna said...

Carrie - Love it! Can't believe you carved that stamp...I could NOT do that. I like the idea that the sand is mixed in....makes it more oceaney...yes, that's a word...NOT. I made it here. will email you. Lorna

Chris said...

I'm putting the daily puppy on my blog. I can't stand it.