Saturday, March 14, 2009

Really Fab Zippy

I made this today for a friend's birthday after she saw the outside fabric when I was using it to make coasters and she said she really liked it. I think she'll be surprised, which will be fun. I made it bigger than the flame zippy, so she could fit pens in it, since she's a writer. You should have a really nice zippy for your really nice pens, don't you think?
I did so good on this one that I didn't have to do ANY seam ripping. I did it all right the first time, and got the zipper lined up really well. The only thing I'm a little iffy on is the zipper itself. It came from a thrift store, and although it was unused, it's a bit stiff. I hope it works okay. From now on I think I'll buy new ones. I found a great source on Etsy called Zipit with very reasonable prices and every color I could want. In fact, I already bought some orange and hot pink zippers from there, and the flame zippy shown a few posts ago is one I used a new orange zipper on. I just listed that pouch for sale on Artfire.
This birthday present makes me really happy. I love making presents for people, it's so much more satisfying than buying almost anything (except maybe a book--I love picking books for people because I'm usually really good at it--I have many years of experience working in bookstores--did I mention you can buy my Bookstore Thief zine at Artfire?)
It's also satisfying because I feel productive and today I feel physically and mentally like crap on a cracker. It's been a rough 2 weeks with headaches and I think I have peri-menoupause, although my doctor who would treat that doesn't think so. But my neurologist does. Go figure. And my neurologist informs me that dealing with my migraine condition is going to be really hard during peri-menopause. I really didn't want to hear that, even that seems to be what I'm experiencing. Some days I am just so tired from the constant pain of the headaches. And then you throw in hormonal imbalance and I want to cry all the time.
So I just focused on making my zippy pouch. And it was good. One day at a time.


Chris said...

Carrie, these are really good. This is quality stuff. I would love to buy one. BUY. Did I say BUY? yes.

give me a couple of weeks...

Chris said...

Well, you know what I discovered? I discovered that theres no reason to worry about lining mine correctly for pens, since I can't seem to actually DRAW ANYTHING DECENT with my pens and pencils, ANYWAY.

aunt chris